What Are The Top 9 Basic Differences Between C++ and Java

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Even though both C++ and Java are Object oriented language, they have many differences. Both languages have their own design goals. C++ designed for application and system development but java is developed to provide secure and portable language. The main difference is java is platform independent and C++ is platform dependent. Some of the differences are listed below,

Top 9 differences between C++ and Java are listed below,

Sl. No. Description C++Java
1 Object-Oriented Not a purely object oriented programming languageJava is pure object –oriented programming language.
2 Pointers concept Available Not available
3 Memory allocation Programmer responsibility Taken care by JVM
4 Multiple inheritance It will supports Won’t support
5 Platform-independent No Yes
6 goto statement It has It does not have
7 Thread It doesn’t have built-in support for threads It has built-in support for threads
8 structures or unions It has It does not have
9 Exception handling We can exclude the attempt to handle exception even though function through an exception. Try/catch must define if functions may throws an exception

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